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I have been on Colestid for almost 16 years since my gallbladder was removed I was producing too much bile that resulted in painful diarrhea. This medicine absorbs bile acids from the intestines. I have never had a problem with high cholesterol. Without this medicine working like a sponge to soak up the bile I couldn't leave home. I've asked several Doctor's over the years if there were any side effects to this drug and was always told no, now I find out that it increases my risk of breast cancer and heart disease. After 16 years what kind of damage am I looking at? what test should I ask for? and what can I do to reverse the damage? Thank you. Dee Dee

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Posted 12/17/2011 9:56:33 PM
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Hi Dee Dee, The body is amazing it will regenerate and heal if we give it the tools. You did not say if you had stopped the drug. You should change your diet and eat vegetables and protein and very little alcohol and virtually no grains and limit dairy products. This will do miracles for the problem. Then to protect your breasts you should take Estrosmart 2 caps a day. Do not take products with milk thistle as milk thistle elevates prolactin and can create problems. To prevent heart disease stay thin, take Q 10 - 100mg per day. Take 2000mg of fish oil per day. Diet is key. Read my free books Your 30 Day Heart Smart Solution and An A - Z Woman's Guide under the book button for FREE

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Posted 1/5/2012 1:48:48 PM

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